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It isn't effortless to accept that there was ever when TVs didn't have remote controls. Today it's challenging to purchase practically any electronic gadget that doesn't have a remote, and the Roku group of devices is no exemption. A Roku is not a mess of good on the off chance that you need to keep finding a workable pace the channel or physically explore the menu. The facts demonstrate that you can utilize your cell phone to control your Roku. However, that doesn't have a similar one-button accommodation of the standard remote. If your Roku remote has quit working, it very well may be a genuine problem. Right now, will walk you through some investigating steps to recover your Roku remote ready for action.

Several Roku models have been discharged since the stage first turned out in 2002, along with a few distinct remote control models. Yet, there are only two extremely diverse primaries Roku remote types. There are regular infrared remotes that work just like ordinary TV remotes by stopping the beneficiary's coded beats of infrared light, and WiFi-enabled remotes (regularly labelled by Roku as "upgraded" remotes) that can be pointed to any direction and still work as they link themselves with the Roku gadget through the WiFi arrangement. There are some methods of investigating that will take a shot at either type of remote, and some techniques that are specific to each.

Take your remote and take a gander at the backboard. Expel the battery spread, and check whether there is a catch inside or neighbouring the compartment named "Blending". If your remote has a "Matching" button, at that point, you have an Enhanced remote. Else, it is an infrared remote.


These tips will assist you with narrowing down the issue on either sort of remote.

1. Reboot the Roku box or expel the spilling stick from your TV. Allow it a moment and afterwards associate it once more. Retest.

2. Remove the batteries from the remote, forget about them for a second, at that point, supplant them. Retest.

3. Change the batteries in the remote control. Retest.

4. If your Roku model attachments straightforwardly into the HDMI port, have a go at expelling it from the port and supplanting it. Retest.

5. If your Roku model fittings straightforwardly into the HDMI port, have a go at utilizing an extender link to associate it to the TV as opposed to interfacing it legitimately.


The basic Roku Remote uses an infrared shaft to show the device indications. At the chances of the above innovations not working, consider these:

1. Point the remote at the Roku box and press catches. Watch the front of the container as you do as such. On the off chance that the status light flashes as the container sees the infrared orders, at that point, your remote is working, and the issue is with the case. On the off chance that the status light doesn't streak, at that point, the problem is with the remote.

2. Check your view from the remote to the case. Infrared signs require an unhampered view to work.

3. Place the Roku remote not working straightforwardly before the crate and press a catch. On the off chance that the batteries are low yet not vacant, the quality of the bar might be sufficient to arrive at the container. Change the cells on the off chance that it works.

4. Try the versatile application to ensure the remote's not working, and not the crate.

On the off chance that the crate doesn't see the remote sign and the versatile application works, you have a defective remote. If you can get a remote for the present, proceed, yet it will be generally advantageous on the off chance that you supplant the remote rapidly.

On the off chance that the case sees the sign and flashes the status light, there is an issue with the container. If so, I would recommend a production line reset of the Roku gadget. This is a procedure after all other options have run out, however, if you have demonstrated the remote to work and the case isn't following up on the sign it's accepting, it might be your lone alternative. This is particularly valid if the situation won't react to the portable application, either.


The Enhanced Roku remote use WiFi rather than infrared, so it needs two or three additional means for investigating. Attempt the ways above and afterwards:

1. Re-pair the remote by expelling the batteries, turn off the Roku, leave it a second or two, and eventually power on the Roku. When the Home screen shows up, supplant the batteries in the remote. Press and hold the blending button underneath the remote or in the battery compartment until you see the matching light blaze. Trust that everything will synchronize and afterwards retest.

2. Re-pair the gadget with the portable application. Once in a while, the Enhanced Roku remote will drop the matching and quit working. On the off chance that this occurs, utilize the Roku Controller App and access the Roku Settings menu. Select to match another remote and rehash the re-blending process above. This 'opens up' the crate to work with the remote once more.

If the container reacts to the Roku Controller App and not the Enhanced Roku remote and you have played out the investigating steps right now, is conceivable that you need another remote. Retry these investigating stages two or multiple times first, to ensure. If you have a mate with a Roku, have a go at swapping remotes incidentally to test. This will demonstrate individual which gadget is to blame.

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